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So why team up for pain relief?

Chip saw firsthand the ravages of chronic daily pain on his younger sister, Amy, who suffered from the rare and debilitating terminal illness Progeria, where children age rapidly, dying by their teens of old age. Amy never let her disease or constant pain stop her from living her life to the fullest every day. She died at just 16 years old, and Chip vowed to do everything he could to raise awareness and funds to help find a cure.

Pain affects all of us. Research shows that finding a cure for Progeria may help end the age-related diseases and pain we all endure as we grow older. Chip has experienced multiple broken bones and pain from working with cars since he was a young boy. Pain relief that’s safe, natural, and grown in the USA was a natural fit for Chip and Amy’s Depot. Proceeds from RUBITON™ help support awareness and the fight against Progeria, to help make the world a pain-free place for all! Chip and Georgia are donating nearly $500,000 in pain relief from RUBITON™ to help kick off the campaign to “start the cure and stop the pain.”

Every purchase of RUBITON™ helps stop YOUR pain, supports the cause to end this terrible disease, and perhaps, one day, stop pain and age-related disease for us ALL!